About Our Company
Dennis in Dusty Dickerson's Studio (Houston, TX) with Skip Nallia - late 70's
About the owners...

SmithTrax Recording Studio was created back in 1980 in Houston, Texas and relocated seven years later to Atlanta, Georgia. Dennis and Brenda Smith, owners of SmithTrax were professional and studio musicians in Houston, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia. They traveled extensively throughout the southeastern U.S. and occasional traveled up in the northern U.S. before they finally settled down as a house band at a resort hotel on Lake Lanier Islands, Georgia for 17 years. They moved their business to Muldrow, Oklahoma in 2005 and have been working with musicians, songwriters and karaoke singers ever since. Dennis and Brenda's business has been very successful and with the internet capabilities, they are able to create websites and record long distance with other studio musicians. As of July of 2016, SmithTrax opened their new 1200 square foot facility which has 3 isolation rooms; a dedicated vocal booth, drum room and band room. They have a much larger facility to accommodate bands. The exterior walls are one foot thick and you will stay nice and cool in the hot Oklahoma heat during the summer months! Call SmithTrax for a free tour of the studio and they will be glad to show you around their new facility!

Dennis was born in St. Louis, MO. He is the son of Hal Smith, former catcher of the St. Louis Cardinals who played back in the 1950's & 60's. Dennis' family moved to Houston, Texas in the early 60's where he got the music bug at an early age learning to play the drums at the age of seven... Dennis began his studio career as a session drummer and has played on and still plays on many album projects to this day. He has been engineering since 1980 and will until the day he retires which he says he never will.

Brenda was born in Houston Texas. She is the daughter of keyboard - organist Ray Ludwig who played with Hilton Sutton and Jimmy Swaggart for many years and had his own ministry until he retired. She began singing in churches at the early age of three... She plays piano and sings and herself has played on many studio albums throughout her career. She is still a staple in SmithTrax and plays on many of our projects that come through whenever keyboards are needed as well as her and Dennis singing background vocals.

Dennis and Brenda met in their high school choir and started singing together in bands soon after. They got married and began their professional career performing in clubs, restaurants and resort hotels spanning more than 30 years. They have since retired from performing live and now only sing in church on occasion. You can see more details on their musical career by visiting www.soutonline.com

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