Pricing as of January 1, 2017

Recording Studio

$50.00 per hour (includes engineer)

1/2 hour minimum charge

4 hour minimum large band w/drums (see studio policy)

This rate applies for recording, mixing, editing, mastering, etc...




Day Rate: $350.00 (for 8 hours of studio time)

* Day rate cannot be changed once booked because we block off the entire day for your session. If you finish your session early, you will still be charged for the entire day rate. The day rate is for 8 hours of studio time. If the session runs longer that 8 hours, you will be billed at the normal $50.00 per hour studio rate.


Additional musicians are extra but available upon request...

Web Design and Layout

$60.00 per hour (1/2 hour Minimum)

* Hosting and Domain Name registration starting

at $75.00 per year.

* Maintenance plans starting at $60.00 per month.

* Logo, Marketing, Graphic Design is $60.00 per hour.


Careful planning and page layout can save you time and money when it comes to web design.  SmithTrax  will consult with you numerous times before, during, and after the development process to make sure that you get the most out of your website.  Should you choose our monthly maintenance plan we will make sure everything remains updated and running smoothly.  If you choose to maintain the website yourself after the build, we will make sure you have all the necessary files and passwords needed and will always be here if you should ever need our assistance.

Remote Recording

$60.00 per hour (includes engineer)

3 hour minimum charge

$1.00 per mile over 25 miles to and from to cover travel time and costs.

The $60.00 per hour rate starts from the time we arrive and start setting up until the time we finish tearing down and leave the location. Transfer of files and mix down time would be billed at studio rates listed above.

CD Insert Design & Layout

$50.00 per hour (1/2 hour Minimum)

* SmithTrax can design and layout your cd cover for your album project and design it to your specification. Just need your pictures and your input...

Cassette/Album to CD Transfers

$50.00 per hour of time transferred
(1/2 hour Minimum)

*Additional studio time for editing the indexing. Noise reduction of cassette tapes also done bringing levels up to CD standards all billed at $50/hr.


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