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SmithTrax Recording Studio has a reputation of providing high quality music recording and production in the Fort Smith area since 2005. SmithTrax is owned and operated by Dennis Smith for musicians and producers, and he understands the unique position a studio has and gratefully lends his over 35 years of expertise and talents to help artists express themselves unencumbered by the high technology of the studio environment. At SmithTrax, we use the latest digital recording and editing techniques to create a second to none recording environment. Accurate monitoring and great equipment are only part of the story here. The comfortable atmosphere is something that our clientele enjoy and often comment on. We strive to maintain an intimate, personal feel. Whether you need to record your band's next demo or you need a studio to produce your next full-length CD, SmithTrax Recording Studio can and will exceed your expectations and stay within your budget.


SmithTrax Recording Studio, located just 20 minutes from downtown Fort Smith in Muldrow, OK, is a recording studio with over a 35 year history of producing pro recordings for bands and artists. More than just a pile of great equipment, the number one DAW (Pro Tools) in the business, SmithTrax prides itself on the help it can lend to the artist in the process of achieving great performances and capturing them with character and taste. Decision making is always geared towards efficiency and getting the job done right the first time and within budget. With the engineer being a performing professional musician himself for over 30 years definitely makes a difference when an artist needs to describe what he/she wants and why they want it. Should the artist need musical assistance and/or additional studio musicians, they've come to the right place. SmithTrax has access to some of the finest musicians in the business. We have an incredible group of local musicians we use on a regular basis. And thanks to the Internet we are connected to Houston, Atlanta, Nashville and Branson for those overdub parts we need to sweeten the tracks for those hard to come by musicians.


SmithTrax Recording Studio uses the very latest version of Avid ProTools with an RME Fireface UFX+ as the main interface. We are running on an Apple Mac Pro 3.5GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon E5 processor and have all of the top plug-ins from Waves with their Mercury Bundle, Waves SSL Bundle, Waves Abbey Road Bundle, Electric 200 Piano, Electric 88 Piano, Infected Mushroom Pusher and their SSL 4000 Collection. Other plugins in our arsenal include the Slate Digital Mix Rack, Eventide Anthology X, Spectrasonics (Keyscape, Stylus RMX, Omnisphere 2, Trillian), Native Instruments Komplete 11 Ultimate, Arturia V-Collection 5, Reason 8, Antares (Auto Tune 8, Choir EVO, Duo EVO, Mic Mod EFX), Metric Halo Channel Strip, Toontrack's Superiror Drummer 3 and EZ Drummer2 plugins to which we have just about every EZX and SDX set they have available, Toontrack's EZkeys sound library including their Classic Electrics, Retro Electrics, Grand Piano and Studio Grand Piano and much more. Our drum arsenal is quite extensive as well. We have an acoustic Pearl Masters Custom drum set with maple shells and Zildjian cymbals in our drum booth as well as a Roland TD-30 V-Drum electronic drum set. We also have a large collection of microphones we use from Neumann, Shure, Audio-Technica, Rode, AKG, and Sennheiser. For microphone pre's we use a couple of Avalon VT-737-SP's, RME Octamic XTC and Presonus Digimax LT.



Backup Policies and Storage:


In the new age of digital recording, audio file and session file storage has become a major issue for studios and clients. Due to this, SmithTrax Recording Studio does not guarantee the safe storage of these large files. During extended cd projects, SmithTrax Recording Studio will at the end of the day backup the latest session files to its backup drives until the completion of the cd project. After which it is the client’s responsibility to provide storage for all the session files to be backed up on. All short one day session projects, it is the clients responsibility to provide storage to be backed up on the day of your session. The options are as follows: 1) Bring your own compatible external hard drive or USB thumb drive (32GB recommended) to the session and request for your audio and session files to be transferred. File transfer/backup time is billable at normal studio rates. 2) Authorize SmithTrax Recording Studio to burn your files to DVD at a cost of $5.00. Failure to make arrangements regarding file storage will result in your audio and session files being deleted from our drives.


Once your audio and session files have been transferred to the media of your choosing, SmithTrax Recording Studio no longer assumes responsibility for the safe keeping of this data. SmithTrax Recording Studio assumes no responsibility and makes no representation either express or implied regarding safety and replacement of any hard drives, master or other audio files, or any type of recordings. If you choose NOT to backup your data you know and understand, you have released SmithTrax Recording Studio from any and ALL liability of the responsibility of the care and safety of your data.

Other Services...

We offer band album and demo recordings, karaoke singer recording, audio for video, cassette to CD transfers, vinyl LP to CD transfers, voice over demos and much more...


SmithTrax offers a wide variety of karaoke services...


SmithTrax can custom build a song that you cannot find in the stores. We record your song and custom build it in your key. Just tell us the name of the song/artist and leave the rest to us. Depending on how much instrumentation that is on the song (piano, guitar, strings, fiddle, drums. bass, etc..) determines the cost of the song. An up front quote can be given once we hear the song.


Want to make an album of you singing already pre-built karaoke audio tracks to share with your friends and family? Bring in your Karaoke CD+G's, cassette tape, iPad, iPhone, Computer and we will record you singing to your favorite songs.


We also offer vocal tuning. Sing a little off key? No problem! Let us tune you up and you can sound like the pros! We can tune your voice and make you sing right on key even if you are just a little off. The best thing is, no one will ever know...

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